About Us



The ‘Lawyers for Earth Justice’ (LEJ) is a group of committed and sensitive law practitioners working for environment protection. This is a collective attempt for legal intervention in the cases of environmental defense. The Lawyers for Earth Justice by handling various issues are trying to take proactive initiative in environmental decision-making through legal intervention. The right to have clean environment is basic human right. The Lawyers for Earth Justice believes that legal mechanism should be used very positively to create constructive impact on strengthening protection and preservation of environment. We are aware that by filing various Environment Interest Litigations (EILs) at National Green Tribunal we are contributing and strengthening the discourse from local to international level.

Sustainable development is need of the hour and the Environment Protection Law is having a balancing act inbuilt in it. We are just a medium to engage to take up environmental issues especially in cases where anti environmental activities in the name of development. We engage law students who are interning with us to research and document the process of getting environmental justice.