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  • How our working areas evolved?
    Sahyog, headed by social worker and Gandhian, Balasaheb Sarode, has been working since 17 years (founded 1987) as a humanistic pro-active organization. They started with a primary school for children of the nearby slum area, whose parents could not afford to pay for their education.
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  • Exemplary Activities
    A woman from a lower socio-economic background who acquired HIV infection from her husband found herself boycotted by her family and the community after his death and the disclosure of her infection. At grocery stores people would throw stones at her and drive her away.
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  • People we help
    How do HRLD get to know about their cases and who are the people we help? Many victims of rights violations who turn to HRLD for help have heard about the NGO and their work through the media. Various articles and reports about their activities have been published, so many people have contacted Sarode and his team after reading about their work.
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  • On the agenda...
    As HRLD is only having a limited capacity to help and can't reach out to everyone, they are aiming to spread their pro-rights activities throughout Maharashtra. To achive this they are planning to teach more lawyers in the different districts of Pune and especially outside the city.
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