How our working areas evolved?


      • Sahyog, headed by social worker and Gandhian, Balasaheb Sarode, has been working from 17 years (founded 1987) as a humanistic pro-active organization. Sahyog started with a primary school for children of the nearby slum area, whose parents couldn’t afford to pay for their education. For many parents sending their children to school is not an option because they are dependent on the extra income generated by their working children. As a result, the teachers of Sahyog school often needed to seek direct contact with the parents, persuading them to let their kids attend the classes. Besides the gain of basic education skills, social values such as gender equality, concern for the poor and needy, solidarity with the people’s movement, the promotion of peace and social justice were imparted to the contents of the classes. In terms of providing them with broad education and raising them to be responsible people who are able to see things from different perspectives, they were well exposed to different philosophies of great thinkers like Mahatma Gandhi, received quality information on health issues and other informal skills such as environmental consciousness and so on.

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      Exemplary Activities

      Gandhi philosophy
      • Women’s Rights and Domestic violence
        Due to a long tradition of female discrimination, women’s rights are far from being fully recognized. HRLD is fighting for the fulfillment of the Right to Equality for women. Besides empowering and educating women about their rights, they offer legal aid to victims of rights violations who are too poor to afford a lawyer themselves. In the past few years, HRLD has filed various suits and complaints for women who have been insulted, physically and mentally abused and tortured by men or other relatives. One drastic example was, when Adv. Sarode defended the rights of a dowry victim (Rekha Gupta; Nagpur 2008) who was set on fire by her in-laws and died due to her injuries. Continue reading “Exemplary Activities”

      People we help

      How do HRLD get to know about their cases and who are the people they help? Many victims of rights violations who turn to HRLD for help have heard about the NGO and their work through the media. Various articles and reports about their activities have been published, so many people have contacted Sarode and his team after reading about their work.

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