We at Sahyog are working through our schools, our legal wing ‘Human Rights and Law Defenders’ (HRLD) and the HIV/AIDS Legal Support Initiative (HALSI) towards the promotion and protection of human rights. While working to fight the injustice in the society the support and solidarity of the public at large are very important as it boosts the morale of the human right defenders.

Your support is very important and you can help us by:

  • Donating
    Any Donation is a help for our work and every support takes us one step closer to the fulfillment of Human Rights. Donations made to Sahyog are exempt from income tax under 80G. We also accept foreign funds as we have FCRA registration
  • ‘Adopt’ a socio-legal lawyer
    By paying for a year’s expense @ Rs. 5000/- per month. Your ‘adoption’ will directly help to meet the bare necessities of an aspiring socio-legal lawyer like accommodation, food, and local travels. With this fundraising initiative program, we want to support aspiring lawyers from families who are not in a position to support the son or daughter in his education and this important endeavor. At such a time we look upon you as part of the bigger family to help and support and adopt a socio-legal lawyer. Your support will help the young socio-legal lawyer to use the law as a tool for social change. If you would like to support our mission to expanding access to justice and giving young people the chance to learn how to use the law as a tool for social change, you can adopt a socio-legal lawyer or refer a friend who can adopt.
  • ‘Adopt’ an orphanage child
    whose farmer parents have committed suicide to fund his education and help to build the future of this child. We not only want the child to be literate but be “educated” in the true sense so as to be a good human being. So come join hands and make a change in the life of this child and make this world a better place for him to live. Donations for this cause can be given to Sahyog Trust’s Initiative for Children of Drought Affected Farmers who have committed Suicide i.e. “Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Shikshan Samitee”. The Demand Draft should be payable to Yavatmal. We would also appreciate if you as “adoptive parents” of the child will visit him so as to see and ensure that your money is being utilized properly and meaningfully.
  • Referring us to another friend
    if you are convinced about our work to protect and promote human rights, suggest Sahyog to your loved ones in need.
  • Donating material,
    books, computers, printers and other accessories needed for working of the officials can be donated.
  • Informing us
    About any human rights violations activity happening in your area.
  • Being a Volunteer We are thankful for any volunteer who wants to dedicate their time and skills for our activities and build a proud society.