Internship Program

Internship program

The main goals of the internship program are to widen the perspectives of interns, to bring social change and to teach them to deal with realities of law and to interpret law to the masses. The internship program teaches interns to connect law with various social, economic and political issues, and most importantly how to implement the law as interpreted with the right-based approach. The reality of law is different from the textbooks, so applying legal knowledge to social problems requires sensitivity and the rights-based perspective. Interaction with people at the grassroots level and visiting the problem areas can give interns a clearer idea of real issues. Internship programs like the one Human Rights and Law Defender is running will prove a very important step in social change process. This program is connecting students of law, media and social-work with the needs of society.
Some of our interns


Fellowship program

Currently we are providing fellowships to young aspiring socio-legal lawyers to meet the bare necessities like accommodation, food and local travel. With this initiative program we have been sustaining aspiring lawyers from families who are not in a position to support the son or daughter in their education and this important endeavor. Our mission is to help the young socio-legal lawyer to use law as a tool for social change and to expand access to justice and give the chance to young people to learn how to use law as a tool for social change.


Fellows of Year 2011 - 2012

  1. Advocate Amit Shinde (SANGLI)
  2. Advocate Prasad Kashid (SOLAPUR)
  3. Advocate Roshini Wanawade (YAVATMAL)
  4. Advocate Savita Khotre (AKOLA)


Some Photos of Fellows with Justice Hemant Gokhale (Supreme Court of India)