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At Sahyog Trust, we have currently focussing on the following programs:

Fellowship Program

Purpose/ Goal of the Project:

To train young lawyers in the general skills of practice and the specific perspective of socio-legal lawyering. We want to establish a fellowship program for recent law graduates from across Maharashtra who are committed to human rights.  The fellows will work for 18 months at our organization and then return to their home districts where we will help them to establish their own socio-legal practice by helping them to make connections with local NGOs and providing them with financial support for the first year.  We will also put them on track to become members of their local Legal Aid Bureaus.  Over time, we hope to develop a network of socio-legal lawyers across Maharashtra, and eventually throughout the nation.


Advocacy to 'Be the Change' (ABC) Maharashtra Tour


A tour in Maharashtra will be the stepping stone to bringing awareness of the law and judicial mechanisms. In the simplest terms it can be seen as a tool based on the power of information and awareness to bring about a change at the grass-roots level. It is the starting point towards beginning to exercise our rights, demanding implementation and challenging faulty enforcement. In essence, it is the common man’s vehicle for questioning the system and getting from it what is due to him.



The Sahyog Trust has been working in the field of Education since 1986, running two schools and several education programs. We at Sahyog believe that education is not about just attending classes and acquiring degrees. It is more about building perspectives, skills and social values. Gender equity, concern for the poor and needy, solidarity with the people's movements,  promotion of social justice,  provision of quality information on health issues and the values of non-violence, is what we try to impart to the students of our school. We promote the action for self-reliance, hope and awareness for change.


Units of Sahyog - Education Wing

  • Pre-primary and primary schools in Waghapur/Yavatmal District

    Sane Guruji Balak Mandir and Mahavir Primary School

Human Rights and Law Defenders (HRLD)

In 2002 the legal wing of the Sahyog Trust, ‘Human Rights and Law Defenders’ (HRLD), was established to intensify the work on issues related to Human Rights. HRLD has been set up in Pune as an independent unit and intervenes legally when there is a human rights violation.

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