Right to Life

This documentary film is about using law with a socio-legal perspective. The law is going away from the practical life and wisdom. This documentary tries to bridge this gap while suggesting some possible solutions. In a very lucid manner it awakens our conscience and leads us towards rational thinking. The documentary takes every one through the shady lanes of sex workers, from side to side through the understanding process of lives of differently able, victims of domestic violence, crime and People Living with HIV. The legendary Justice V R Krishna Iyer and the Gandhian Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari instill a sense of responsibility in all of us to use law for social change and talk about accountable and transparent governance in the justice delivery mechanism. This is an eye-opener documentary for the stakeholders like persons responsible to make policies, legal educational institutions, police, Advocates Associations and Bars, the public prosecutors, the judiciary and last but not the least the “common man”.
Sahyog Trust through its legal wing Human Rights and Law Defenders (HRLD) is working to strengthen the access to justice to common people especially marginalised groups like prisoners, women, sex workers, children, People Living with HIV and differently able through direct intervention in the court. HRLD is working with different stakeholders to make judiciary people oriented. This documentary is an attempt to create spaces for human right culture.